Figurative Drawings

It is said that drawing and painting are one, or should be. I can't honestly say that it is the case for me but it is something I am aiming at.

I didn't use to draw so much. Whenever I had the chance to draw or paint, I'd always opt for painting. Painting somehow felt more like the 'real thing'. I could use colours, not just a single colour, and have a more finished piece of work in a shorter time.

I knew this wasn't the right mindset so in recent years I have tried to redress the balance. I began to think that anyone who considers themselves to be someone who draws and paints should be capable of pulling out a pencil and sketchbook and capturing whatever is in front of them. I've made the effort to attend and also organise life classes to try and get my drawing more up to scratch.

Initially it wasn't the subject that attracted me, but the chance to draw and learn regularly. Very soon however I didn't want to draw or paint anything but the human figure.

To draw what you yourself essentially are is an incredible thing. The human figure is a subject you can become familiar with and gain a degree of confidence with by working out an approach to drawing it, but every human and pose is unique and drawing each one brings unique challeges.

People always say that the human figure is the hardest thing to draw. If something isn't correct it will always show. You can't hide something, leave it out or move it.