Figurative Paintings

I am lucky to have come across great teachers wherever I have studied and lived. One of the most important things I have learnt about painting is the idea that you are not copying the world as you see it but you are recreating it in your own way. It is impossible to recreate the depth and range of tones and colours in the world around us using those available to us on a palette. We therefore can only interpret what we see through those colours at our disposal. As Cezanne said, you are creating 'a harmony in parallel with nature.' I realise that there is an academic approach to painting and drawing. There is also a modern approach, the idea that there is no difference between colour and tone, there are only values of which it can be said are comprised of what we call colour and tone. To me, the idea of the modern approach to painting is one of constant reappraisal of your work as you progress on a painting. You do not outline and fill in, polishing up as you go. You start with a definite statement from the outset, placing colours as best as you can match them to the subject from the very beginning and constantly reappraising their position, redrawing as you repaint.